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Subject: He Started It (1)All Normal Disclaimers Apply. This Story Is A Work Of Fiction And Should
Only Be Viewed If You Are Searching To Read Gay Literature With Gay Sexual
Content. Thank You. Enjoy.He Started It! Sitting on the bench, outside of one of the far buildings on
campus, I heard the gravel crunch as he walked up to me. I turned my head
just as he appeared next to me on the metal bench. I smiled; He smiled in
return. I opened my mouth to make small talk, but instead, his tongue
plunged into my mouth. This young but developing athlete's lips were
touching mine. His hand was on my leg, slowly moving upward.I was getting
excited. Slowly.. I then moved my hand cautiously to his shirt.. and moved
them underneath of it. I felt his skin, warm to the touch. First bearly
with my finger, but then my entire hand. I moved my hand slowly up his
muscles as we kissed... I explored the curves of his body. I heard him
giggle. His hand had reached where it had wanted to be.... ...EEEEEAA! My alarm rang. Quickly, I took my right hand and
slammed it on to the snooze button, rolling over in bed, whining. It was
too soon to get up; my dreaming had just begun! My senses started to
sharpen. I was waking up. Stretching, I shut my alarm off completely, and
stepped out of my comfortable cloud, my bed. I walked out of my room, in my
tented black boxer briefs, and into the juxtapose bathroom. I leaned to the
nozel on the shower, and turned the hot water on. Then closing the door, I
peeled off my only layer of clothing, and stepped into the shower. Warm
water then fallowed Preteen Models my every curve. It ran from my shaggy, skater-like
hair, to my none, then chin. It traveled down my neck and then to my
chest. All of the pusling water made it's way down the the drain, coaxing
me to a good mood. It was going to be a good day. After cleaning and turning off the water, I stepped out and dried
myself off. Shaking my hair, I walked back into my bedroom. I put on some
clothes, grabbed my backpack and other necessities, and then manuvered the
halls and left my house. I walked to the street corner, focusing on the
houses around me, nothing special. Cookie cutter houses lined the street,
never ending in both directions. I reached the corner. Moments later, the
bus arrived. I nonchilantly walked up the stairs and took my seat. It was
cold. I leaned back and sunk in. I closed Preteen Models my eyes. The next sound i heard was the air brakes screaching. We had
arrived at school! I waited my turn, and then got off of the bus. I walked
on campas, said hello to aquaintances, and made it to my destination,
History class. That class, as well as others, went by quickly. I zoned out
on the lessons, doodling on worksheets. I stared at my straight fantacy
lovers and day dreamed about them. Lunch arrived. I sat at a table with the
two people who knew I was gay. Desi and Tana both greeted me and asked,
"See any hotties today Jake?" "Heh, nope!" I replied sarcastically! We continued to talk about
everything and Preteen Models anything. The topic of Alan eventually came up. My Junior
secret crush. I imediately thought back to my dream this morning. Oh it was
fantastic. Why did it have to end? "Hey Jake!!", Yelled Desi. I shuffled my feet, looked at her with a silly face and said, "ya
what!?" "I dunno... Just getting your attention, you zoned out." she
replied. I then got back on topic, which was currently the economy. How did
we switch topics so fast? How long was I reminescing that dream? The bell rang. I picked up my backpack and said my goodbyes. I
ventured off to my fifth class of the day. English. It was a slow, dull
day, reading old text on old things that only old people would want to know
about. i did not finish the story before the end of the class, i gave up on
it. yet another bell rang and we were hearded like cattle from class to
class. I briskly walked at a bit faster pase than those around me. I wanted
to go to my sixth hour. It was Technical Theater. This class, although it
sounds a bit intimidating, is quite simple. We construct sets for the
school plays and work on the crew during the plays. Luckily for me, all of
the school's plays were done with for the year, and the remainder of the
year was just watching movies to fill up time. I love that Preteen Models teacher, heh! So
I walk into the classroom, which is large, since it doubles for a drama
classroom and has a practice stage within it. The projector screen on the
far side of the room was pulled down. yay another movie day! I dropped my backpack on the ground where i usually sat on a couch
which we sometimes used as a prop in the school plays. I layed down across
the old but comfy, fluffy sofa. My head on the arm rest was at the perfect
angle to watch the movie. If I didn't get to class first, this seat would
have been taken! Other people shuffled into the classroom as the last bell was about
to ring. Fifteen of us total, it was a small class. The teacher turned on
the movie when the bell rang, turned off the lights, and went back into his
office space, typing away on the computer. I stretched out happily and
enjoyed the film. Some students sad Preteen Models on the other side of the room, others sneeked
behind the screen and on to the stage to goof around and have fun in the
dark. The only ones left in the area I was in were two guys. Myself and
Alan, My crush. "Hey Jake, scoot over and let me chill on the couch with
ya!", exclaimed Alan. I replied, "Why would I do that? What do I get in return? Chuckling, He said, "Well, you get to sit next to this sexy beast?"
Jesturing to himself. Oh jeeze he was a bit concieted, but well, I don't
blame him, he was gorgeous. I smiled and obliged by moving my legs. He
sank into the far side of the couch, looked at me and smiled. He winked and
patted his legs saying "You can put your legs back up.. I just wanted to
sit down, didn't wanna spoil your comfort." I put my legs back on top of
his. Minutes passed. We watched the film. He then nonchilantly placed his
hand on my lower leg. I tried not to move. Just his touch was getting my
member excited though. Uh oh. What was I going to do? The not-so-entertaining movie Preteen Models continued. He rubbed his hand up and
down my leg continuously. I had a full on boner now. He kept going a little
higher every few strokes. Did he know he was doing this? Did he think
anything of it? Ugh no... He is too straight. I wasn't complaining
though. It being so dark, he wasn't afraid to do what he did next. He
squeezed my upper thigh with his hand. It tickled Preteen Models and i jumped a little. He
smiled saying "heh sorry, i was bored, this movie sucks!" "haha funny" I replied. He just stuck his tongue out at me, I did
the same! He then stuck his tongue out further with more emphisis. I did
the same, leaning forward. He reached over the tried to grab my tongue. He
got a finger full of siliva instead of my tongue. "haha, see what ya get!?
My spit. Good job!" "Oh shush." he said as he tickled my upper thigh again. I sat up on
the couch and then poked his side. He then jumped. "aahh no fair, you know
my ticklish spot!" I just smiled and poked him again! Seeing a strong guy
like him flinch and giggle at a little poke of the finger is very
amusing. I suddenly remembreed my boner and shifted to make it less
obvious. He seemed not to notice. He then pushed me to the side and i was
back in my previous, laying down position. He had a devious smile. He got
on his knees, while on couch, and tried to tickle me; I wiggled! He grabbed
one of my arms with one hand to try and stablize me. I wouldn't let him
tickle me silly, I flailed. He went to grab my leg. I made one last effort
before he grabbed a hold and I couldn't move. That last quick move made his
hand miss its target and land on Preteen Models my rock hard tool. He didn't move his
hand, he looked at me speachless. I looked at him right in the eyes and
blushed. He squeezed and said "Hmm.. So you like this? Awesome" and winked
at me. I was in awe. I felt invigorated! I was excited and embarrased. I tilted my head
and looked, his gym shorts were tented! The sinky smooth light blue
material clearly outlined his dick. Oh it looked nice and big. I just
wanted to touch it. He noticed me staring, blushed and shockingly asked,
"Hey, wanna come hang out at my house today?" I've never hung with him
before. We weren't really friends outside of this class. I quickly replied
with a Yes! He smiled and sighed, most likely relieved I didn't say no. The
bell rang! The lights went on! We both ocncentrated on letting our boners
go down so we could pick ourselves up off of the couch and get our
backpacks to leave. When half of the class had left, I finally was able to
go and get my backpack. I picked it up, threw it over my shoulder, and
looked to see if Alan was ready to go. He sure was, He replied, still
smiling "Lets go to my bus!" We walked out the door, delighted! I let him lead the way, I
fallowed him, staring at his perfect butt. He knew it too, because he then
stopped in place and I ran into him. My dick hit his butt along with the
rest of my body colliding with his! He exclaimed, "Ah I knew it! yay!" I
blushed. He then said, "This should be a fun friday afternoon!"
Well, this is all I have so far. This is my first story. Some real - Some
fantacy. Tell me whatcha think if you wish. I am open to all critism,
opinion, talking or
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